How To Join

The Forest City Allies networking group is always looking for new members to connect with and mutually help develop their business.

A Member’s Seat:

Our group only allows for one member per business category. We enforce this rule in order to maximize the amount of referrals a member can receive. Every week we consistently exchange business referrals with each other. We believe this is an essential part of growing and supporting each other’s businesses.

Cost To Join:

Annual Membership Fee: $100

Member Contributions:

We measure contributions from the group in these 3 ways:

  1. Referrals given to another member
  2. One – to – one (aka “Business to Business)
  3. Bringing a guest

Members are asked to complete a slip, providing the white copy to the other member and the pink copy to whomever holds the position of attendance/referral tracking.


  • If a member hires another member for a service or purchase of a product, this is a referral.
  • If a member uncovers a need for a product or service from someone outside the group and gets permission from our member to contact this individual, this is a referral.
  • If a member simply hands out a business card of another member, this is not a referral. (It could turn into a referral, if the prospective lead does indeed connect with the member later).

One-to-One / Business-to-Business:

We encourage our members to meet outside the group. There is only so much time within a one hour meeting to fully grasp what it is that a member does and what exactly he/she is looking for in a referral.

Meeting for a casual coffee is a great way to learn more about each other’s business and an excellent way to increase referrals.

Bring a Guest

It is not necessary to ask permission to bring a guest. However, it is very important that we protect our member’s seat. This means we ensure that any visitors do not encroach on the business of any current member. If you are not sure, connect with the member and ask if there would be a conflict of interest.

Business Card Box:

The business card box is for members only. This is to allow other members and guests to ensure they have adequate stock of your cards to give to prospective customers and clients.

Download the Membership Application

Forest City Allies Membership Application

We thank everyone for their interest however we may not be able to extend you an invitation if we already have a member in your profession/ industry.