Risk and Asset Allocation

Today Azfar J. Ahmad discussed Risk and Asset Allocation and the association between the two. He highlighted how investors need to consider where they are in their life economically to consider how to invest. It is important to understand that risk aversion is not just about making more returns on their money as more risk is taken on, it is also about how the income being generated within the investments are paid out. I.e.. Interest, dividends, capital gains and/or return of capital. He led the dicussion about MERs, like what does it mean when an investment has a …” 1.2% MER”? How does this number affect the rate of return on the investment? And lastly, he encouraged us to always consider weighted averages when it comes to rates of return.

Azfar would be happy to speak with any and all regarding structuring your new or existing portfolio. If you have any questions on if there are any minimums to invest or anything of that nature, he would be happy to lend a hand.

Azfar works within a team of three; himself, a colleague and a support staff. He have access to all investments and is in no way biased to any investment house when it comes to the investments themselves.

He is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) registered with the Financial Planners Standard Council (FPSC), a Personal Financial Planner (PFP) and Financial Management Advisor (FMA), both registered with the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI).

You can contact Azfar Ahmad by phone or email by going to his profile information page.